Looking for vocalist - shoegaze, indie, metal


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Hiya, we are a guitarist, drummer and bassist looking for a vocalist for a jamming band. If you are open to writing/singing originals as well that would be great!

Currently leaning towards shoegaze and alt rock genres, but generally open to jamming any genre of rock (indie, dreampop, metal, hardcore, punk etc.). Originals-wise we would want to do heavier unique-er shoegaze-y music, our inspirations are bands like Deftones and Whirr. :p But no high hopes, we just see where it goes.

Preferably male vox but female vox is welcome too :)

If it matters to you, our band members' age range is 21-25 y/o.

Beginners are super welcome! If you are interested, text me on telegram @maromaronnaise Thanks all :)

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