WTS: Kala Tenor Ukulele and Cordoba Baritone Ukulele


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Hi, I have two ukuleles to offload:

1) Kala KA-SMHT
I have a Kala full solid mahogany tenor ukulele to sell. It is in pristine condition, no notable dings or knocks or wear as far as I can see. It has been occasionally played over the past couple of years and has opened up to a very sweet tone. Comes with a basic Ukulele Movement gig bag. Looking at $450 nego. Looking to sell as I prefer baritone ukuleles.

2) Cordoba 24B Baritone Ukulele

This is a Cordoba solid top baritone ukulele. It has a solid spruce too with laminate spalted maple back and sides. Again, this is in mint condition as it has never left my home while playing. It is very loud and resonant and very sweet for finger picking. It comes with a generic gig bag. Looking to sell for about $250 nego. Selling as I’m upgrading to another baritone.

Pics are available. Feel free to WhatsApp me at 98582868.