WTS: Taylor Model 316LTD 8-Strings Baritone Guitar


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Selling the above guitar for $2.2K, open to nego but no lowballers please. Originally bought for ~$3K+.

Can text 963four866four if interested, or for more photos.

photo_2023-12-21 22.50.39.jpeg
photo_2023-12-21 22.50.38.jpeg
photo_2023-12-21 22.50.45.jpeg

More Info:

Taylor baritone models feature a lower B tuning and a 27-inch scale length to give players a deep, rich voice, yet with normal string tension for a familiar playing experience. They’re a great option if you have a lower vocal range or favor a de-tuned guitar sound. We also offer an 8-string version, featuring two upper octave strings, to produce a splash of 12-string shimmer without being as jangly as a full 12-string. Expect incredible tonal range, rich melodies, and a great guitar for walking basslines.

316e Baritone-8 LTD
The inimitable design of the Taylor 8-string baritone, complete with a 27” scale length, is a natural fit for the 300 Series’ blend of fundamental-strong midrange presence and top-end sparkle. Tasmanian blackwood back and sides provide a dry response that focuses the baritone’s deep lows, providing articulation and clarity even at the lowest end of the tonal spectrum, while a Lutz spruce top delivers power and volume. An extra set of octave strings, paired with the third and fourth strings, add a splash of top-end shimmer that makes this limited edition 316e a perfect offering for guitarists looking to diversify their musical arsenal with a truly unique sound. Outfitted with faux tortoiseshell binding, a three-ring rosette, gold hardware, and ES2 electronics, it’s a rare musical option that can open new pathways for players in all styles.