Wts: Dw collectors drum set!


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Up for sale is a beautiful 5 piece DW Maple/Mahogany Collector's series drum set in broken glass. Dimensions of drums and included accessories as follows:-

- 10x8 tom (Aquarian modern vintage medium top, Aquarian classic clear bottom)
- 12x8 tom (Aquarian performance 2 top, Aquarian classic clear bottom)
- 14x12 floor tom (Remo pinstripe top, Remo diplomat bottom)
- 16x14 floor tom (Remo pinstripe top, Remo diplomat bottom)
- 22x18 virgin bass drum (Remo power stroke 3 batter, Aquarian regulator resonant)
- DW 9900 double tom stand
- Variety of skins including: all stock DW resonant heads, 22" Aquarian superkick 10, 16" Remo coated emperor)

Screen Shot 2018-01-17 at 11.46.11 pm.jpg

This is hands down the best drum kit I've ever played and nothing has come close to this (apart from other Collectors). It never fails to receive compliments for sonic quality and looks. Excels greatly in large halls or small unmic-ed venues with very long resonance produced. Those of you familiar with DWs will know how huge they sound, as it is often quoted that DW drums produce sounds 2” bigger than it’s actual size. Apart from some minor scratches incurred while shipping, kit has been handled extremely well and is in excellent condition.

Looking to sell these beauties as I am migrating and won’t be playing as often anymore. S$5,500 is what I’m looking for, a steeply discounted price for an excellent condition collector’s set. You will not be able to find this deal anywhere for such a kit. My loss is your gain. 

Please note that pictures are for illustration purposes. Items for sale do NOT include hardware (apart from the 9000 series tom stand), cymbals or snare drum.

Serious buyers only, message 81187890 for more info/to deal.