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Hi all,

Direct imported from Japan for around $5k-6k, these rare beautiful drum shells were all made-upon-order. This aesthetic kit was only used for home practice, almost pristine condition (view to believe ;))

Selling at $2k flat as I am looking for a quick deal, this sale includes shells only + tom holder (hardware). All shells are fitted with relatively premium new heads.

Shell Specifications;

20" Bass, - Aquarian Super 2
10" 12" Rack Toms - Aquarian Super 2
14" Floor Tom - Aquarian Super 2
14" Snare - Remo Powerstroke 3

If interested you can contact me (Jonathan) @ 8181 3945 on Whatsapp. Looking for a fast and swift deal, thanks!

*Quote from Canopus Website*

White Ash was the material widely used to make Fender guitars until the middle of 1950s. Strong attack and quick response are the primary characteristics of this material. Since ash wood is relatively rigid, and challenging to process, its use for musical instruments has gradually decreased over time.

We have combined the ash material with poplar and, using Canopus’ original processing technique for the bearing edges, this has enabled us to create a drum sound with a “seasoned taste” to it.

Now, you can enjoy a vintage-like sound which is both dry and resilient. It displays a full low frequency response, short sustain and clear projection. Playing these drums will give you a comfortable feeling of familiarity – like the sound and feel of an instrument you have known for many years.

Furthermore, the natural beauty of the ash woodgrain, when colored, is particularly attractive.

Shall let the photos do the talking..


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