WHO is in TP? Temasek Polytechnic?

I was from TP about 4 or 5years ago....Guess I am gettin old...hahah...Long time never been there....Sure MIss the place and the carefree and slack days...hahahah
Yo poo, u were saying? this school lacks alot of stuff? are u refering to TP? Lets see whos elses is in TP besides me and Poo.....Anyone seeing this!! Intro man!!! ur course( the year you're in ) maybe if u're enthusiatic tell us more abt yourself like the gear u use, the music u're into and gives us more details on urself
pooo said:
I'm still in it. Yr 2 BIT. Kenzo, which course and what yr are you?

u frm BIT, 2nd yr? coolness, i was frm BIT also, supposed to b in 2nd yr but i dropped out to play bass inst8..din really enjoy BIT..
oic...u dropped out just to pursuit ur interest and passion in a band? izzit a band which u form in TP or outside Tp?...yeah its like that i think i understand how u feel abt not really liking ur course...most of my friends also din really like the course they do....
my band's outside TP...wif my sec sch frens, well, i dun wanna b behind a computer 9 to 5 everyday, i wanna do something i like in my life, so i dropped outta sch, am waitin 4 interview cum auditions at la-salle, will carry on from there..i wanna b a gr8 session bassist, datz my aim..
Lol i can't remember why i joined BIT. It's definitely the wrong course, but hell, i'm suckin it all up, get it done and over with. One of the things i really dislike in the business school is that they keep changing classes every semester, no class bonding, you hardly get close to friends.

Why don't we all meet up sometime? :D Should be easy eh?
haha..i absolutely agreed with u..but its not just the business school thats changing classes every semester...same as for IT....during my year 2 days...every class was with diff ppl..as in...from diff course!!..but in sch of IT...sometimes BIT ppl would even join us.....cause of a few subjects like...System analysis and design....and ORDB/ORDS!!!!! haha..really troublesome subject...but none the less u have to just get it over with...i think most of us really share the same sentiments..no really close friends..as in the kinda friends we had in secondary school or maybe during working time....
hi, i just join tp only...17 this year, i dunno much about the school, but i didnt like the orientation, felt like a fish out of the water. Cos i hate cheering for nothing and stupid "bonding" games...they are so needless...darnit, that thing wasted last 2 days of my holidays! hope that normal school like wont be so bad. Oh ya, almost forgot, i joined Biotech. Anyone have anything to say about the music vox? I anyhow approached some seniors who were carrying guitars, and they told me and my friend that music vox not good cos u cant group with ppl of your choice, they will instead group u with some other people they deem compatible with you.
Hi michael angelo...yes i truly agreed with u.....last 4 years ago.when i first join TP...i had the same feeling as u during orientation......i really hate those cheer leading and those stupid mindless bonding games(to me i felt they were damn childish).i could not stand it for even 2 hrs...i resort to lying to the so call orientation leaders....that i had to go over seas.....I did not further attend any of the orientation session..haha!!!. my friend, when school open..it will get worst!!! the first few weeks u will feel lost....wondering.....Hey OMG!!! i chose the wrong course...why am i here in the first place....thats what many of my friends felt....as for music vox...i heard that to join it...u would need to go for an audition...dun worry..!! u need not join music vox inorder to perform..if u are from biotech..that would mean u would be located in Engineer sch...from what i know...sch of engineer would normally organise jamming sessions anually for open house or for events.like Dinner and dance...so just be on a look out....dun depend on music vox.....there are definetly tons of other better guitarist out there who keep a low profile...
I think in general, besides the Engine school, there are also various events where there are gigging opportunities. Music Vox, yea there are auditions, but i also heard from others that, you've gotta find your band and join together, otherwise there's absolutely no meaning to it. I don't know if you've seen them perform yet or not, maybe you might over the next few days, but they're certainly not outstanding material. An example of that is a Sweet Child of Mine cover without a bassist. Watch out for them though.

Anyway, what Kenzo says is true. There are tonnes of good musicians, all lying low. You've gotta be lucky sometimes to find and get to know them. If you really wanna gig, try to find and get a band together, when the opportunities arise, sign up asap.

I used the same excuse as Kenzo, the holiday thing and got away with it on the first day. They don't really bother. They can't question it anyway :)
but it seems there are few TP ppl in this forum it seems..the only person active and replying is only u and me...the rest basically hasnt seen this topic or something man...