Which bands do you want to see reunited?


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I dont know if this topic has come up in this forum cos let's face it -- I'm a NOOBIE! Feel free to PM and bitchslap me if it has.

We've seen Bruce Dickinson rejoining Iron Maiden, Rob Halford back with Judas Priest, the classic line up of Anthrax getting back together, Wes Borland returns to Limp Bizkit (although nobody cares) etc.. I want to know which bands do you wish to see reformed. Or back with their original members.

Or possibly back alive from the land of the dead.
Thank you and goodnight.
united band members?

I'd like to see Paul McCartney (bass) and Ringo star (drums) join Pete Townshend (guitar) and Roger Daltry (vocals) to form band called Who-Beats... with guests John Lord on keyboards, Steve Morse and Eric Clapton on back up guitar and Joni Lynn scott on percusssion
Destiny's Child? Hahaha...

Definitely Gin BLossoms. aAd while they're at it, why dun Alice In Chains recruit a new singer like INXS did? Come up with another killer album. Maybe revive Shakespeares Sisters too...and reform Smashing Pumpkins...
Led Zeppelin.. if John Bonham comes back from the dead.
X Japan!
GNR. Damn Axl doing funny stunts now.
Blink 182.. But hopefull they do more albums like the enema of the state.. :lol:

And.. Rage against the machine.. :twisted:

And one of the local bands about 10 years ago, I cant think of the name now but the singer is now selling insurance. Ah f***!!!!!