where to go for recording? does they add in special effects?


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hey hie..quite new bout this. jus askin which place u guys go for recording?any place u guys wanna recommend? neway does they put in extra(special) effects to it? i mean like extra sounds in it... really want to know bout this.
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I'll answer your 2nd question. Usually, any recording studio will have at least 1 Efx Processor. If their accoustic is very plain, then I guess they will add in a bit of reverb here and there even if you don't ask (especially snare, cymbal). But if you know what you want exactly for your instrument, you should direct or make it known to the sound engineer on what you want. Also adding in efx usually are done during the mixing part rather than during the recording process. This is to preserve the dry input of those recorded instruments. 'Dry first, wet later'.

got it..thx pal.. :wink: wish i could do that on my own..u guys knows how much is it for recording plus mixing?
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well from my knowledge, I doubt i'll be 100% accurate.. cheaper ones if i'm not wrong around $20 - $25 per hr budget, there's music factory, i heard soundmix pro also? errr fyewerkz @ katong s.c. .. sungei rd coxscrew studios..

then it increases from there to $40 - $50 per hr.. tnt studios, theloftstudios , homestudio , wideeyedmuse studios , focal pro audio (currently on promotion) , blackisle studios , bluetail studios , insound studios.

and $60 and above goes to liquidfire , snakeweed, musiczone , myx studios ..

not too sure on the rates on tworooms / tinybox / lion studios

there's more under soft's studio links too. bet ya didn't know there were so many studios eh hehehe. the demand must be getting bigger..

and lastly , if we're talkin about free here, your better bet will be some student in an Audio Engineering course such as SAE / FSV (ngee ann) etc.. i heard they'd be lookin for bands during their project season. or, one of the soft members here who do audiorecording as a hobby. I do record, but lately not free already.taking a 1 year break + started on another job that works from 9am to 9pm/11pm almost everyday... shackk...
Pm me too. I am doing recording for my interest and passion. Let me know what u want ans i see what i can do for u. :)

Actually it's pretty easy to do home recording. Just have to record it the right way and do some clever editing to make it sound decent/good. :)
Actually there is an advantage to go for proper studio recording over home recording / hobbyist recording.

For home/hobbyist, they may not have so much time to dedicate to your project. For paid services, you can expect a certain level of commitment though they may not like your music (although it helps to get them to like what you are doing).

ALso, if you are doing it at home or at cheaper places, the acoustics / soundproofing may not be that ideal (unless of course, you have a really good room or spent lots of money/time treating it)

Each approach has its pro and cons. So do consider if your music and application warrants best recording and sound fidelity before deciding