What is the missing link for musician to build a sustaining music career?


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Musicians first need to understand where they are in the marketplace.

For the purpose of this article, we generally identify 2 areas of the target marketplace, Mass and Niche. As the name implies, Mass is where masses easily identify the needs with the product and massively consuming it. With regards to Niche, the product needs more time to find matching needs of the consumers, as such, lesser people is consuming it.

Example of the mobile smart phone market, you have a Korean brand LG and the US brand Apple. Price aside, one is more popular than the other. It is obvious Apple is mass market and LG is niche market. In the music industry, Ed Sheeran is mass market, Alina is niche market.

Who is Alina? Most people wouldn’t care much to check her out. She is a 16 years old girl who started composing pop songs at the age 14, winning song writing and singing competitions when she was 15 years old, at age 16 released her own songs. Although most people has yet to notice her musical works, people around her, family, relatives, friends and classmates are full of praise and start following her. Looks like she has quite a handful of fans who are willing to support her.

Does this sounds familiar? Where are you? Mass or Niche?

Currently most artists and musicians have a mis-matched marketplace, due to no fault of their own, likely because of the limitation of available music platforms, resulting in artists struggling to make SUSTAINABLE music career. Without sustainability, it is very easy to drop out before the breakthrough arrives or lack in intensity to boost the momentum of a raising artist fast enough to make a significant impact.

Current available music platforms are designed for Mass type marketplace, which benefits artists who are very popular and this constitutes about 1% of the global artists. ( https://www.digitalmusicnews.com/2014/03/05/toponepercent/ ) What about the 99% of the artists?

Since Mass marketplace does not work for 99% of the artists, it is only logical that they shift the goal posts. When doing the same things (input) is not giving you the desired result (output), you change the input. As such, wise artists are constantly looking out for a platform that can help sustain their music career. We spoke to many such artists who were forced to put their works on existing platform because there is simply no other better choice.

Artistco is the alternate choice.

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Artistco is built to allow artists to ACCUMULATE fans and grow with them right from the start. Artists continue to make music, Artistco provides the tools in one CONVENIENT place to help artists grow with fans. Most importantly, unlike most platforms out there, Artistco doesn’t charge artists to make music contents apparent to fans on the Artistco platform. It depends very much on the artist own hard work, making good music and interacting with his fans, which decides his success. In short, the artist has ACTIVE control.