SOLD Wts:Upgraded Tony Smith Junior Drum Kit

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Two options available:-

With Yamaha Single Pedal(Not in pic): $450
With Double Pedal in pic: $550

Here are the separate parts i bought and installed:-

1)Upgraded drum skins as shown
2)Upgraded ride cymbal
3)Upgrade hihats to 10" stagg with Tama Stands!
4)Upgraded throne (What i got at first was a kid's throne)
5)Upgraded Yamaha double braced Ride stand

.Free promark drumstick
.Free promark brush

This kit is tuned and muffled to the best that i can.Now it sounds really good from the first time i bought it from a fellow carouseller.But what i got at first was all stock parts which sounds....kinda terrible...u guys should know.

As this is a junior kit,it doesn't sound as loud as a standard kit.If u wanna muffle ur room further,u might want to consider getting my high guality foams i posted in a seperate listing.It really does the job.

I don't know how long the previous owner had this,but as soon as i got this,i cleaned all the parts and its shining now.haha.

Now for the most curious question:-

Reason for me to sell is bcoz,i just found out that my wife is pregnant with our 2nd child.So therefore,i can forget about having an acoustic kit for quite ahwile now.

I can help deliver if u don't lowball me.Yes,u can always buy a junior kit which cost like $180-300++.But they come with all crappy parts.I put in ALOT OF EFFORT to get the kit to this level.Come n test to believe.

Speakers,helmet and carpet in pic IS NOT INCLUDED.

Ws sms or call me at 90609838



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