Where to get DVDs/VCDs for cheap..or reasonable prices.


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I'm looking to expand my collection but don't know where to do that without ending up a bankrupt. I'm mainly interested in dvds/vcds of rock/metal concerts and cartoons like the simpsons, futurama, family guy and southpark.

So if any of you know where to get them at a good price please help.
overseas. i bought abt 50 dvds of movies n major metal & rock concerts frm belgium n dubai for abt S$1 to S$2 each :lol: just dont get caught by sg customs. go with some1 n divide the goods among urselves n in case they spot just tell em the dvds are for personal use considering u dont have more than 1 of each title. N after tht u can do a lil business with mayb 20 of em :twisted:
Hi drownedout,

Try Gramophone:

#01-18 Specialists' Shopping Centre
#01-09A OUB Centre
#01-02 Capitol Centre
#B1-27 Paragon
#01-35 International Plaza

They carry popular titles, many at good discounts. :)