What's your favourite Steve Vai solo or guitar part?


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Too many, but if I had to choose one, I'd plump for:

Hot Dog & a Shake.

Cool wah wah inflexioned break followed by shreiking delay-drenched sustained high bends, whammy dives and squashes and of course hyper fast ending licks - the perfect Vai solo.

2nd place:

Wings of the Storm (Whitesnake 87)
I know you're here on the G3 albums.

Very light guitar line toward the end. Nice band dynamics. Great guitar intro the the whole thing.
Touching Tongues
The Octavised lead on the chorus is pure MAGIC... and then it harmonises and I die. Brilliant.

Tender Surrender
The slightly irty intro leads... to the ripping climax of wah/tapping/sweeping/shredding... The only instrumental that made me shed some tears... powerful and dripping with emotion everywhere. Even at full speed.

Building the Church
This one is different... I'd say the composition as a whole. Vai has always been more than a guitarist... more the musisian and composer. This track highlights it briliantly...
Ladies night in buffalo (david lee roth):
vai's solo soooo sexy on this song..... really accentuates the mood and heat.. haha..

Whispering a prayer. a truly magical moment.. live!..

Whispering a Prayer gets my vote.

It was the one song of which the emotions can be felt the strongest in my opinion, especially when Vai played it during the concert last year.
A few notable mentions

Yankee Rose
- That 'talking guitar' into is just classic

Tobacco Road - Shows exactly how whammy bar and weird phrasing can be combined to make awesome melodies

Bad Horsie - Brings out his heavy side, his wah/tapping/whammy bar leads and fills really bring this song to life

For the Love of God - What hasn't been said about this amazing instrumental?
definately for the love of god. amazing song, sometimes i feel he gets too experimental and wierd for example the song salamanders in the song (sounds like a variation of the simpsons theme lol)
Touching Tongues. If there's anything about him that appeals more than his technical side, it's his arranging skills.
the legato part in tender surrender.. i like watching him play. his face is more expressive then his playing if you ask me :D
i love vai's old piece - for the love of God
its neither a fiery blazing piece nor is it exotic n complex as most of his other pieces but it introed me to mr steve vai eons ago when i first sampled his cd by accident