What's your coolest Riffs and Licks???


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Just wandering...
What's your coolest Riffs and Licks?
Played By Who?
What Song?


Riffs :
Main Guitar Part of the Police, Played by Andy S. on song Every Breath You Take!
(Keep on ringing 'till today!!!)

Licks :

All Joe Satriani, Steve Vai and Phill Keaggy Licks on all of their songs!!!

How 'bout you?
my fav lick(if you could call it that) to play would be Eugene's Trick Bag by Mr Vai. But I still can't get it up to tempo yet.
It's Cool Bro :lol: needs some humour sometimes dun get to serious :lol:

Ice cream it's Good to lick moo...ha ha ha