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Hi folks! Isaac here.

I am here to help you achieve your dream of playing music, whether you are looking to perform on stage or playing guitar to sing songs and jam with friends.
We can achieve that together through quality music lessons that focus on YOU.

Expect to learn:
  • Play by ear – ability to hear how music is played and play it without the aids of music score and chord charts.
  • Correct techniques – Self-taught players tend to pick up bad habits along the way, and then spend YEARS to unlearn them, once they found out the bad habits plateaued their playing.
  • Wide range of playing styles – From strumming to fingerstyle to bizarre techniques such as slapped harmonics, you’ll have more tricks in your bag to make your playing interesting.
  • Music theory as a supplement – Music theory is daunting by itself when there is no context of application. Learn a music theory and immediately applying it in your playing, and see your progress super charge! Imagine forming new chords by yourself, and no more memorization of chords without knowing how to use it!

Why learn from Isaac:
  • Lessons are tailored to individual. - In general, we will first start with replacing your bad habits, and then acquire techniques and repertoires through learning songs. I believe that learning songs is the best way of learning new concepts/techniques, and you can immediately apply what you've learned in context. We can ensure that we're learning at a pace that benefits you the most.
  • Support - The lessons does not end after the lesson time. Feel free to ask questions when in doubt, as I believe direct feedback can benefits students more instead of practicing in doubt. Lesson summary will also be provided so you can take home with what we've learned in the session.
  • Understanding music as a whole - not just muscle memory. The more you learn, the faster you learn as your knowledge in music goes. You can also appreciate how a song is written and peek into a songwriters mind on why they do things a certain way.

How to know whether I am the right teacher for you?

  • Willing to practice
  • Willing to be pushed slightly out of your comfort zone
  • Passionate about music.
  • Willing to learn

Checked all the boxes?

Sms/whatsapp 963-seven 4-seven-80 or email contact@isaacyong.comnow for enquiries/book your lessons!

For every prepaid 8 lessons (2 month),
I will offer 1 EXTRA lesson for you (worth $40)

Lesson Fee: $40/hour

Location: My studio in Queenstown area.

Travel surcharge of $10 per trip applies if lessons are to be conducted at your place, subject to distance and schedule.

Trial lesson available

I am a self taught guitarist, but I understand how a lesson can propel one's learning progress as I've had a few lessons in guitar and piano. They've enlightened me to do new things, and my short 1 month piano lesson when I was 12 years old had helped me tremendously in understanding music a lot more than I would be without. I want to help you the same way it helped me, and save you more time by learning it correctly the first time, and not spending more time and money later on because of all the bad habits you've picked up over the years.

About Me
  • Played as an acoustic guitarist and vocalist with a wedding band in various events and wedding banquet.
  • Hugely influenced by acoustic fingerstyle music, such as works by Andy McKee, Kotaro Oshio and Tommy Emmanuel, I incorporated fingerstyle techniques to create interesting sound in my accompaniment.
  • Exposed to wide range of instruments, such as bass guitar, violin and piano
  • Championed 19th MusicXpress Songwriting Competition organized by NTU
  • Songwriter for a music publishing company

My website:

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Check out some of my covers and original on Youtube:

【再见】Goodbye - Original Song

Chinese Pop play and sing – Xiao Xing Yun 小幸运 Cover

Fingerstyle - While My Guitar Gently Weeps Cover

Fulfilling your dream starts with you. Give yourself a chance to grow your
passion into something!