Acoustic Guitar Lessons for Beginner/Intermediate - Play and Sing/Fingerstyle


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Hi folks :) Isaac here.

I am offering beginner and intermediate guitar lessons. I can teach you to play the guitar and sing your favorite song, or fingerstyle guitar, which is a style of playing that plays melody, harmony, bass lines(and sometimes drum) like a mini orchestra on your lap.

This is one of the videos that pulled me into the world of fingerstyle guitar:
Andy McKee, Drifting -

I encourage my students to learn and play by ear, and supplement the learning with music theory. I believe that playing guitar should not be just muscle memory; We have to really listen and appreciate the music, to be able to convey the songs to touch the heart of ourselves and people.

Brief introduction about myself

I played as an acoustic guitarist and vocalist with a wedding band in various events and wedding banquet. My playing style is hugely influenced by acoustic fingerstyle music, such as works by Andy McKee, Kotaro Oshio and Tommy Emmanuel. Being exposed to a wide range of instruments, such as bass guitar, violin and piano, I am able to guide you in appreciating and learning music as a whole, and develop good ears in the process.

Location: North, West or Central area. I live in Woodlands.

You can read more about what I offer on my website:

Contact me today to schedule lessons or general enquiries. Simply fill in your name, e-mail and your enquiries and I will get back to you asap.

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Thanks for viewing, I am looking forward to your responses. :)
Hey there, slots are still available! Please whatsapp/sms +65 9637 4780 for more info!
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