What's you fav Guns N' Roses song/album and member? Why?


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My fav GN'R song of all time has to be Paradise City cos it's one of the most hard rocking songs of that era, though I think that ALL of their songs are great.

Fav GN'R album : Appetite for destruction. Go buy it if you have not done so!

Fav GN'R member : Duff Mckagan. Coolest bass player. Has mainly influenced my bass playing style. He's serious abt his music and has a never say die attitude.

For now, Nightrain is the song i'd listen to.
Sweet Child is way overdone by so many cover bands that i hardly ever listen to the song anymore.
Sweet child, all time classic.
Not to forget, november rain.

Slash lahhhh!

Cause he is hairy!

Ok kidding, cause he's good. Knows lil theory stuffs yet wrote a song with a really good intro! Aka sweetchild. :D
Song: "It's so easy."

member: Axl. I like Slash for his image and keeping the dirty rock guitar flame alive, but I never rated him that highly as a player...
Song: Paradise City. Really love that song.

Player: Izzy, Tele slinging guitar hero. Slash is cool, but in somehow i like izzy more. weird eh?
watching slash in Nov Rain Video made me play guitar!!!
Favourite Song: Back off Bitch

Favourite member: SLash

heh had my dad bought me a lespaul copy ( Maison letsplay) years ago when i was still a kid, together with the tab book for appetitite for destruction.. man i miss those times..guns n skids ruled my world then..
BlackMoo said:
Song:Civil War
Player: Axl Rose (cos he sings so like Sly)

Which Sly?? :?

Spore Idol?

He sounds like Axl or vice versa..?

I bet Sly wasn't even born when GNR hit the stage.. :lol:
fav song : Rocket Queen.......

fav member : Duff Mckagan....... cos he can play drums, bass n guitars....... :wink:

Definitely Rocket Queen!!!... this song wholesomely defines the meaning of rock N' roll...

its about lust, its about desire... its dark and its ugly...
but beneath all these beastly passion and arrogance lies the purest of naivety and innocence...

it reflects recklessness, but has the most perfect, genius arrangment!!!...
watch out for G'NR's twin guitar terror belting out mind blowing rifts which completes the climax nicely (YES!!! right after that hooker's climax!!!)

and after all the hard-rocking passion's over... it slowly evolves itself into the sweet smell of confession,...hoesty...love...

very human... truely rock N' roll!!!
favourite songs: Don't Cry and Patience
why: my band covers them!!

fav. album: Appetite for Destruction. Use Your Illusion I was good for only a few songs.

fav. member: Slash. he made me want to learn blues-rock solos.
Favourite album: Appettie For Destruction
Reason: This is the definative album for me, every single song is great, made me fall in love with heavy metal as a teenager. The first actual CD I bought in my life, on the same day I bought a CD player, had the cassette way before. That was in the late 80's.

Favourite member: None, maybe Duff
Reason: I have never seen them on tele when I was young, MTV was very late in the night, normally sleep, and almost no metal on TV. But when I actually saw their live vids, I was put off by the stage antics and their behavoir.

Plus & minus: They were my inspiration in metal music, also my dissapointment, as they only produced ONE great album, the rest seem to point to a "Sold-Out" attitude. I can't deny, the feelings in the songs were immense. As a band, I say they defined an era of metal genre music.