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  • Hey there! Are you still selling your Genz Benz? If you don't mind, could you text me your price at 98530735? :D
    hi shinobi,

    regarding my post on my spoilt bass amp,
    where is this mikemann exactly? could you just drop me the details/contact?

    Hi Shinobi,

    I'm a little curious about your LM 250 head. Did you get it in Singapore, and if so, & if you don't mind me asking, for how much? The US pricing for this head is approx. USD 430, and my reason for asking is to ascertain if the SG prices are competitive.

    I'm thinking of finally getting some MB stuff (possible an LM III and one of their 15" cabs), but am undecided about where exactly to source this from. The fact that I'm resident in Beijing complicates this.

    Any advice you can offer regarding local MB dealerships is much appreciated.

    Kind regards,
    Billy Chan,
    hi shinobi, mind dropping me a line at 92260647. Keen on one of ur pedals. Thanks. Jude
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