Whats the difference between head voice and falsetto


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Hey ,

Been reading alot of posts in here regarding head voice and falsetto . Personally i dont see the difference . I think i know what falsetto is though, i use it alot .. but hmm head voice ?

Im also curious of what excercises you do to improve falsetto .

Would appreciate any inputs .

Cheers !
1. Head voice => Voice coming from the back of the head that sounds like your real voice but the difference is that the head voice can reach a higher level of pitch that your chest voice will never be able to reach.

2. Falsetto => You know what it is :) Fake and airy voice :D JOKING!

3. Do classical one octave jump vocal exercises to improve the transition between chest voice and falsetto, then the standard 1,3,5,8,5,3,1 exercise in your falsetto octave.