SOLD Possible scam alert on carousell and possibly soft. Softies please read!!!

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You may not agree, but I thank you for understanding.

It's the very reason why I labelled it as 'possible', and refrained from labelling him a cheat on this soft post. I feel that he tried to trick me (he did lie to me after all), but we cannot extrapolate this to the other sales he has made.

This post does not make me a 'good guy' whatsoever. Stay vigilant guys.

Thanks, and have a good day innuendo.


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Best deal,

Because there was an INTENT to trick me through lies. Any beginner could've fallen for it. Even me, had I not decided to check up the price online on multiple sources.

Are you implying that one should only post when a scam has actually occurred? I think that's a little too late.

Wen..u started this thread...u can closed this thread...put it as sold bro...then pm Admin to delete this thread.To all softies and forumers..let it rest k..we are music frens here after all...
Not open for further replies.