What's really happening....?? (Bass)


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To all bassist -- i hav this problem with my 4-string bass..which i still cant figure out for some time...

when i play the G-string...., the A-string will vibrate by itself...strangely. both my right & left hand not touching other strings at all...still the A-string will vibrate softly...can anyone who hav encountered this problem or know whats the problem...pls enlighten me...thanx..

*the neck is straight...the action just nice...no other problems..
Er... I think it's normal for other strings to vibrate if you just hit on 1 strings.. Which is why you must mute it... I think... Not sure though, still a newbie here.. But that's what I usually do...
The other strings will vibrate very minimal when you play any open strings on the bass. I think there must be something that is loose either on the A strings machine tuning head or the bridge , have a closer look on all the screws on your bass.


its natural isn't it? as long as the A string doesn't come thru the amp it's fine.

muting bass strings is an art for bassists.
the only way to help alleviate this problem via hardware is to install a monorail bridge. or maybe a pickup cover with the damper on, like the vintage fender basses.