Whats a better choice? Going to a studio to record or buy a new mic?


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So I've been covering lots of songs from various artists and genre on my youtube for awhile with the CADu37 condenser USB + pop filter.

Its been 3 years and now I'm really abit .. unsatisfied with the mic quality . I mean its good but I want to aim higher.

I want the studio sounding type of sound coming from my covers. But I don't have the right equipment. Not even a phantom power, pre amp or all that stuff.

But a recording studio has them . And they also have a much better microphones and has mixing experience.

But the thing is.. budget issue. I can only afford to spend less than $200 for a new USB microphone (I'm on windows) and I want it to be better than my current CAD u37 . I don't know a good place to buy a good microphone too. I went to sim lim square for the CAD u37 and it was really shocking when I found people selling it for $80.. I paid more than $100 :/ .

Then I also thought of maybe just going to a recording studio to record my covers. But thats just a one time chance? I can't possibly bring all their equipments and mic home with me to record my future covers at home. And the rates are really high as well.

So what should I do? I don't know which microphone can produce the sound I want. Heck, Anything is fine as long as its better than my current one I guess. It has to be USB though..

Thanks in advance!
Maybe you could post your recordings here and we can give some feedback?
Other than equipment, the room u're recording in and ur technical skill level also plays a part... So yea, we can only help to determine if u post ur stuff here :)
haunted101, I will be very frank here. For the mandarin song that you have posted above, the piano playing sound a little mechanical. The piano tone is kinda muted too. If you have options, you can experiment with different piano sound. The arrangement could use some build up or else the whole song quite blend.

For the vocals, the effect you used has some kind of 'phaser/flanger' and it is not good for the voice.

I think the equipment you have currently is good enough.

You may want to work on your singing. There are times your pitch and the timing are off. You are using a lot of energy to sing but the voice is not projecting.

Keep working on it and all the best!
Ah thank you for the constructive criticism ! I wasn't the one who mixed it so yeah.. :/

But I will definitely work on my singing~ I'm very inexperienced. Just sec 1 actually haha.

But I will work hard! ^.^ Thanks for your advice~
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