Drummer looking to form 2 or 3 piece band. The lesser the merrier.


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hi, I'm a 40 year old average drummer looking to form a band to jam on Friday nights or Saturday mornings/afternoons.

Prefer to keep it 2 or 3 piece, because too many members later too troublesome lah.
I just want to have fun and play some covers and maybe write/record some songs.

Influences range from 90s to early 00s stuff like silverchair, nirvana, foo fighters, ash, incubus, sonic youth, weezer, muse to name a few.

So if you play bass and sing, or play guitar and sing, hit me up. Any age, any gender, all's good.
I don't mind beginners, intermediate or pros but, like I said, just to have fun. If too serious, later not fun lah.
Can serious a bit lah, but if not so serious, also not fun, like never practice song then come jam. like waste money.

Hit me up if you are interested.

Here is a video of me having fun.