Drummer looking for bassist and guitarist/vocalist - Friday night jamming sessions


New member
Hello. I am a 41 year old drummer looking to form a band, playing for pleasure.
Preferably I'd like to form a 3 piece band because less people, easier to organize sessions I guess.

Looking for a bassist and guitarist/vocalist of any age to join me. I would like to jam on Friday evenings, maybe weekly or fortnightly.
My skills are so-so. Just looking to have fun.

If you are interested, hit me up at emoisevil_@hotmail.com

Music influences maybe 90s stuff, silverchair, nirvana, ash, foo fighters, creed, pearl jam, sonic youth, stone temple pilots, smashing pumpkins, hole, weezer, incubus etc.
Basically the late 90s early 00s stuff.

My drumming on Youtube.