what your nick means and why you use it?

for me..

gordon is not my name.. just fancy this english name.. people like to use xx behind their nick last time.. and i dont wan common ma.. so zz hahah :lol:
for me rite..... zakk is taken from 'zakk wylde'. i salute him a lot!
and boon is my nick my frds call me since i was a kid (coz i'm like chinese looking)

tats why it became wyldeboon :D
sounds pathetic but wat the hell....
chanmin is ....er.... my name?.

i dunno about you guys... but Chan Min is sure sexy as hell...

wayyyyyyy back in my younger days...kekeke....i really liked the work of this chap called phiberoptik (for those of you who know him..). so i decided to copy his nick and after much thought and permutations, i arrived at this nick. ta dah! plus i really liked the sound of it...hehe...

its definitely sexier than chanmin...or chanminator....bwahahaha...:) juz joking...no offence...
for me i got the nick DoubleBlade from one of those Jay Chou's kongfu MTVs.DoubleBlade in chinese means Shuang Dao and that is the title of one of his kick ass songs.

PS:for ur info , if u think that i'm ur typical ching chong dong dong chang mangunt(Chinese) den i think u're wrong...i'm english educated i'm proud to failed my O level chinese and i love listening to chinese songs but i hate learning the language. =)
I got my nick from the Final Fantasy 7 character Cloud Strife, so I basically just changed it to Cloudsky coz sky is sort of related to clouds. zzzzzzzzz
My sister used to be called aP_kiddo...aP meaning attitude problem...
Being Me...I coined aNTi_aP....anti-attitude problem....
GRRRRRrrr....My brain child!! My invention!! World Domination NExT!!!!muahahahahaz,,*lightning bolts across the sky*
8O 8O 8O 8O 8O 8O 8O 8O 8O 8O 8O
Lol ..

used to be a CS playwer with my buddy cloudsky

then at tt time like resident evil 3 or resident evil :biophazard of sum shit got one


so i came out with my own stars

Special tactics and rescue soldier ... seems kinda lame but i always was the one who rescued hostages instead of pooping their heads off .. so it stuck ...

its a gamer thing ... and it stuck
Mine came about when I was playing CS in school with my friends and this guy we didn't know came in with the nick MUTHU. I kinda wanted to mock at him and his name so I changed mine to MUTHY. It's funny, so it kinda stuck.
Aira Tekkan is a character from TOKUSOU SENTAI DEKARANGER.

anep is wad my frens always call me.
they're juzz too lazy to pronounce my name properly, which is hanif.
so now, i've been signing up to websites wif anep as my nick.
i'm stuck with it.
oh well.
mine's a character from metal gear solid 2. the cyborg ninja. find the X part cool hence became my cs nick as well as over here.