What reverb/effect plug-ins do you use?


Wonder what effects/reverb plug-ins people use for their home mixing/mastering. Do you buy third-party plug-ins or use what comes with your audio/sequencing software.
For dynamics and EQ I use the sonitus plugs that come with sonar along with the waves gold bundle and some really good free ones that you can download off the KVR website....I got a killer classic chorus from Kjaerhus through KVR along with some other great classic effects.

For reverb I have both the Lexicon pantheon and Perfect Space convolution right there in Sonar. perfect Space is one of the better reverbs around....
I use the software provided CuBase and also the lexicon patheon software processor. Shld be good enough for home usage. But i dont know why after i use the lexicon patheon less than a month, it suddenly lost in my harddisk. Dont know is it i forget to register or what haha. Anyone face this prob?

So most use what comes with the audio software? I use what comes with Logic as well, and sometimes the NFX that comes with my Gigastudio (the latter mainly for quick sketching, Logic for final mix-down). I'm wondering about all those costly 3rd party ones out there and whether it makes much difference in the mix.