Looking for Members to Form a Band - long term


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Looking for Guitarist, Percussionist / Drummer or Keyboardist :

My primary instrument is the 6 String Bass and secondary instrument/s are the Alto, Soprano and Tenor Saxophones. Not an expert in keyboards but familiar with Digital Workstation Sequencing aka DAW Music Production. I'm coming back into music for the long term (pretty much till the end of my life) after 30 years, hence I seek like minded individuals with the same DOD ("Do Or Die") mindset. 100% commitment, diligence and dedication is a mandate.

Fully equipped Home Studio : MONATGE7, GENOS, MASCHINE, Komplete Kontrol, 16ch Mixer, 4, 5, and 6 string basses, one Electric Guitar, Alto, Tenor & Soprano Sax, Audio Recording Devices and Mics, LED Lighting equipment for Music Video Filming, HARTKE 4 x 10 Bass Cab with corresponding HARTKE amp heads (800w), Line6 HX Effects,
Two AG06 Audio Interface. All equipment are by YAMAHA with the exception of two NATIVE INSTRUMENTS devices, with CUBASE 11 & Steinberg software DAW.

I seek those who are set to cross oceans and not ponds, casual jams are excepted in moderation with valid musical objectives. I'm not a Cover playing fan. Objectively; to form a Fusion Band

email: jayc9635@gmail.com (my most preferred mode of communication)
mobile: 86600988 (I only use Telegram - I prefer messaging, as my phone is only OFF Flight Mode between 12pm till 3pm and from 5pm till 6.45pm daily)
NOTE: My NIGHTS are Days, and my DAYS are Nights.

Scam mails will be submitted to singCERT for tracing and investigations

** Narcissists of all subtypes need not respond
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