what is the one song that inspired you to pick up the guitar


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Dunno if this is posted before...

Had always wanted to play the guitar since secondary school, but due to one reason or another (read: unsupportive parents/studies), had always postponed it. That was until I stumbled upon this lil' track called November Rain while surfing for ringtones. The tone was the ending solo and after listening to it, I just HAD to find the song. After listening to it, I bought a guitar the next weekend and started learning.

What about you guys?
song ar?
ermm, actually, it was a gerl who "inspired" me to get back playing the guitar. :D
girls,girls,girls...not form motley crue but those 2 legged aliens wif long beautiful hair and eyes...ended up playin bass after a while.. :roll:
stairway to heaven. thought it was some uber boring crap at first but after listening to it a few times... woah. :D

mine was a greenday song called "minority"
i then saved money and bought a guitar the following year. i didnt stop there. i listened to every song from greenday. the brought me to punk and they brought me back to punk. they mean alot to me,.
Stairway to Heaven. One of the first songs that I ever learnt how to play on the guitar. I never get sick of it!
The Crazy Frog song................

No just kidding it was actually the soundtrack of Guilty Gear XX which inspired me to pick up guitar. The soundtrack was mostly instrumental heavy metal if I recall correctly :lol:
actually, for me, i'm not sure why i'm so interested in the guitar.

during jc, all my friends asked me "what eca u want to join ah?" and i immediately replied "guitar club". no better reason other than i wanted to learn guitar.

such was the case, i dragged all my friends into guitar club since i was so intent on joining already. :wink: