what chord is this pls ?


Hi all, anyone can tell me what chord is this ?


Dsus2/G# ??? ooh and i'll b only playing the 1st 3 strings

thanks for the help :D
The note on the high E string is a G#, no? Dsus2 should be an E note, while Dsus4 shuld be a G. Spartan, did you chance upon this chord, or have you come across it from somewhere :?:
the notes you are pressing is A, D and G#. Can't really name the chord without listening to the context, if you know what the bass player is playing at that point , i.e the root note, it will make much more sense. Chords are plural, meaning they have multiple functions. E.g. A C note can be the root , third of A minor or 5th of F etc.

This may not really help answer the question, but its about context really.

Haha, yeah, man. Ambiguous chords. Pretty popular in jazz for improvisation cos the possibilities are great. Can sort of imagine the jazzy vibe that chord gives and a comping device... :)
got this tune from the song intro "cant take my eyes off you" the key is D. Intro suppose to play it Dsus4+G#, Dsus4, D, D

but i wanna know the exact name of the 1st tune chord ... any 1 can help? thanks ppl.
nope, no mute ... u actually have to strum the 1st 3 string for the D and G# sound ... :D

i guess i'll have to settle for Dsus4+G# ... :lol:
to correctly pin down what chord it is, we need a little more.

with 2 notes, we can identify Intervals.

with 3 notes, we can identify triads such as

X major - 1, 3, 5
X minor - 1, 3b, 5
X sus - 1, 4, 5
X aug - 1, 3, 5#

with 4 notes, we can identify 7th

X7 - 1, 3, 5, 7b
X major 7 - 1, 3, 5, 7
X minor 7 - 1, 3b, 5, 7b
X diminish - 1, 3b, 5b, 7bb

there are many other possiblilties

X minor major 7 ( XmM7 ) - 1, 3b, 5, 7

we can then move to more complex chords that uses the 9th, 11th, 13th note. but to go into all these, we need to have a good knowledge of scales and their key signature. :wink:

*oh, there are different ways to write chords too. for example, XM-7. the (-) means to lower that note by a semi-tone.
yes ... Augmented 4th.

A is the fifth
D is the root
Gsharp is the Augmented 4th

Try play this Chord with a DSus4 Chord .... you will hear the sound of the sharped G.
you can say so .... Augmented 4th is the note that is used in Lydian scale.

D Lydian Mode = D, E, F£, G£, A, B, C£

It's basically A major scale because they contain exactly the same notes.

Happy improvising :)