Weird hum from guitar. Anybody can diagnose the problem?


My guitar is humming a lot, at first I thought it was just a normal grounding issue but the hum gets worse when I touch any metal parts to ground it. Whether I touch the metal parts or not, the hum is audible even when playing but it is still kinda bearable. It gets significantly louder when I touch the strings etc.

I'm using a fender CIJ 70s strat. I'm sure that the noise isn't generated from the amp, cables or pedalboard cos I've used combinations of different cables, amps, guitars and bypassed the pedalboard when finding the source of the hum.

Anyone know what might be causing this? I'd prefer not to send it to a tech if its a simple solution and I haven't taken out the pickguard to check the electronics, only checked the jack and its fine. Thanks! :)
I was like wondering why?
Because usually for my friend's CIJ bass, i touch the strings or touch the metal parts, the hum is decreased/cut off.
But yours was reverse.
signal and ground path tum ba lek liao. The path supposed to see signal flow become ground and ground path become signal path.

Hehe, this prolly worthless to most, but can use a push pull pot that activate the "louder hum" mod!

"My hum is bigger than yours"
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Yeap, swapped the 2 wires and everything is back to normal. Totally missed it when I checked the first time.

Haha yeah that pot would be useful. Then there wouldn't be problems with wrongly soldered jacks heh.