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  • yo im 21 yrs old and interested in this one off jam..ive done rhcp b4 and interested in doing it again..do hope to hear from you guys..
    hi there!! :):) im pamela! :) and im interested in becoming a vocalist for your band! :) im 19 this year! :) does your band need to test out my vocal skills ? :) i do not mind if you guys have an audition first then decide if you wanna recruit me ya! :) no worries bout that! :)
    Hey , regarding your post , what do you mean by a one off jam ? i am a vocalist .. i do RHCP incubus rage against the machines e.t.c .. you can check me out at www.youtube.com/snailz .. i aleady have a band but if its a one off thing for fun im up for it .. hope to hear from ya
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