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I've got a mister crybaby from the sweelee sale last week. Now just yesterday it was all working fine till just now...when i turn on the wah my sound seems way under driven[sounds like gain at level 5 onli] den when i switch it off it seems fine again. I checked my cables they're alright...any advice pros?
Was your pedal in the toe position or the heel position when you encounter your problem?

Generally, you should expect tonal differences when you on your pedal on/off as the wah pedal has a sweep range.
or is it the switch isnt on properly?
last time i switched on the wah, it has a click but not a "full" click. the contacts werent there, it become overdrive from distortion.

i step on the switch again (to ensure a proper on) and it regain it's proper working mode. Try it a few times? If it's 100% like that. then it should be a fault.
could it be a prob of low batt...but if low batt it should be affected all round...the switch is on for sure...i tried it at least 20 times
Just go change it man... If I got something and it starts giving me the slightest of problems, I'll get it exchanged, 1 for 1. Save yourself the tweaking and thinking, get something that's actually working perfectly first.
tany said:
but u bought from a sale leh...clearance sale they may not change? or warranty?

clearance sale also got warranty. But dunno about 1-for-1 exchange. I certainly doubt it. They don't even have the same model anymore, i think.
just listen to ShredCow my fren... if it is repair, at least let then do it for u in order not to void the warranty

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