Video of me playing

wahlao. knn.
guitarnoob u'r head. lol. :lol:
the starting was ok for a noob, then the solo part came.
aiyoyo.. headache sia..
aniwae, nice one..
*thumbs up* :D
you've been practising! :)

Its great seeing lefties play... reminds me of what a lopsided lefty I am!

Anyway, I think you got it going, you got the vibe going and that is superb. Visually, I can see you enjoying yourself esp when playing the intro chords and then you brought that attitude into the solo, excellent.

Solo-wise... there's a bend you played flat, somewhere in the middle (youtube has no timer) and, maybe you should check your intonation because during your final tapping lick, the notes sounded slightly flat but before that (playing on lower registers) it sounded in tune.

Otherwise, I think its time to work on vibrato and getting more attitude (dynamics!!!!) into your playing since you have got your chops up. Thats what is going to distance you from the masses of shredders out there... ;)
thanks! yea that note was flat(when I switched to the bridge pup), and my intonation's definitely out, I messed it up myself lol
Hi John, Im Mike

No la, tt 1 2X12 combo,half stack = Head + 4x12cab, I think its gonna go soon, downgrading to pedals haha
Thanks for feeding my flying-V fetish! Woohoo!
Cool concept for a video too! Next time show your handsome face la...
Is this a cover of some song? cos the rhythm sounds very familiar.
woohoo. nice vid. wicked looking gear. tt song is called "reach out for the light"? who's it by?
haha thanks for the comment, its Reach Out For The Light by Avantasia, singer from the band edguy, one of my fav vocalists, Tobias Sammett
Tobias is a great singer. I love his voice... he's like what, 28? And he sounds like Gandalf!

Avantasia was a nice metal opera album too!
Vaiyen: yea, alot of girls tell me im more towards the 'hot'side, not the ''cool' side hehe

Shredcow: You and I seem to like the same singers man, Matt Barlow sammett, whos next? haha