Triple Nine..the tv drama


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ehehehe.. dun say i'm weird but

what's the genre of the triple nine theme song ah? i wanna try find songs like that cos it's like kinda cool to listen to sometimes
"FREEEEEZE! I'm ROBIN LEONG, and I'm an officer of the LAW. I've studied HUNG GAR kung fu since I was 4, and i have a LARGE HEAD, and what that means is that I can KICK YOUR ASS!" :smt112
yeah the pager and the mask were hilarious. I thought it was a super-lousy-power-ranger-influenced piece of crap at that time, which saws a lot since I was in pimary school then :lol:
Yup . Anyone still has VR man on tape? ... i would love to watch the series now...

seriously... i want to watch VR man ... i watched one episode... where he lifted a car... then i just decided i had better things to do. How wrong could ive been.

VR MAN will be one of the best comedies today. it was way ahead of its time.
i onli remembered one episode in which some vallian threw a preserved dead bird on a woman's skirt. damn cool...he was having fun till VRman came!
hay88 said:
i onli remembered one episode in which some vallian threw a preserved dead bird on a woman's skirt.

lol. imagine if Dr. Doom was the world's greatest villain because he went around throwing preserved dead birds on womens' skirts. i bet VRman could take on Dr. Doom in a one-on-one arm wrestling match. it'd be like the time Jesus and Hulk Hogan arm wrestled for the all-American Hotdog Convention.
about local dramas, i only lyk heartlanders and those channel 8 9pm serials(i always read the subtitles, haha), i found triple 9 a bit weird with the extremely fake caucasian accents, and the overexxagerated plots, abit funny though
i detest heartlanders, mostly cause of that wushu guy with the awful hair. i like Incredible Tales though, cause it's kinda spooky while being cheesy enough that i don't get nightmares. haha. i LOVED Chase, you know the one with Utt and Kevin Keagan and the hott female boss and the girl with the fringe WhatsherfaceitstartswithL. Linda or something. and First Mums was really good too, i thought. finally, serials with interesting premises and decent acting, witty and intelligent banter, and thought-provoking scriptwriting.

and it didn't require the use of Singlish at all, in order to be entertaining. surprise!!
oh man triple nine ol school shat. heh.
chase is a ok local drama.. rather emo.
arts central shows the good local dramas
To think my PE teacher in Sec School back then was a part time actor on this drama. If anyone remember a tanned dude with moustache acting as one of the plain clothes policmen in it, that would be him hahahahaa! The poor guy was on the receiving end of endless teasing in school then heh.

Who has VR Man on tape? Best comedy ever. Beats PCK hands down man!
I find that MediaC___'s imported programmes are better than they ones they actually produce. I only watch Channel 5 for the imported programmes like Charmed, CSI, Lost etc..
Channel 8 is contented with doing family drama shows over and over again(can't stand it). I totally don't watching channel 8 now. I tune in frequently to Central now.
And channel 5 likes putting repeated shows, eg, Punk'D, Guiness World Records, all in Primetime slot. If I remember, Punk'D is being repeated for the...3rd time.
All the talk about preventing a monopoly in the past was just talk.

IPOS encourages giving credit to ppl for their work by buying original copies. Yet, you realise that Channel 5 always cuts away the credits when the movie finishes. So much for talking about giving credit to the ppl.
the apprentice anyone? it's interesting to see how they set up those small businesses. And then slit each other's throat in the board room.