TOO skinny to play guitar!!!


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TOO SKINNY to play guitar....................
THAT is JUST what one of my friends said when she found out i play guitar!!!!!!!!

I mean i am pissed off right now,i am so sick off ppl looking at me and saying i cant play guitar cos i'm a girl,cos i got no strength,cos i'm too lazy,cos i dont look the type and 100 other things ppl say.

I dont usually take it to heart but i am relli pissed off ryt now!

I am so sick of ppl judging me by my looks,they feel that just beacause of the way i look i must act a certain way.

When ppl find out what music i like they usually dont belive me
Almost all my friends dont take me seriously when i talk abt guitars or music or piano.They think i'm some sort of weirdo....

I had enough of it ...and i have not spoken to most of my friends for the past few weeks, there does not seem to be a single person in my school who i can talk to abt music and stuff without being judged or not being belived.

Do ppl feel that singaporeans also dont accept girl rockers??
I mean like for example if a girl gets a tatoo or if she plays in a band all the parents and old folks will say shes loose and shit...(you get wad i mean??)

I know nowadays ppl are a bit more open and more girls are picking up instuments and joining bands but with this certain mind frame alot of SIngaporeans have its not very helpful is it?I guess the guys out there who already play instruments should encorage their fellow girl musicians...

Well i just had to get that out.......
Thanks if you read that!
haha. its ok wat. i reli dont mind girls playing guitars. and i like girls who listen to rock or metal.. not those bitchy hip hop type. haha. i even know a girl who is the vocalist for a local DEATH METAL band. beat that.

angela gossow is one of them. vox for arch enemy
don't worry, SOFT is your sanctuary from the narrow-minded and cynical. All birds of the same feather here!
what i think is that cos the rest of them don know anything about rock..hahaha..people who listen to rock and those who doesnt, live in two different worlds.. yeah thats my thinking .some people might think its crap.. imagine hiphoppers headbanging and rockers spinning and jumping around.. haha.
i want to share with you this taiwanese art movie i watched some time back. it is about this young man who since a boy was interested to learn how to 'fly'. he read news report that there were sighting of people flying in the night.

as he search on, he found this si-fu and learnt 'qing-gong' from him.

well, to make the story short, he finally mastered the qing-gong and was able to 'fly'.

the ending messege was "When you are flying, you will be lonely because no nobody will believe you and you should not scare them by telling them."
don't worry, im a guy, and im darn skinny, and most people don't believe that i play in a rock band, till they see it... :oops: nothing to be angry about, if you are really good, people will surely take back their words, though discreetly.
i'm a guy, i'm small and skinny, ppl who are bigger in size and act cool (yes poseurs) try to act seh but they play shit man. so doesnt matter about appearance but more of skill

and btw my bmi is only 17 :lol:
i dunno my bmi, probably, 52kg...who cares, first impression comes from looks, but what comes after that can destroy all first impressions. Hope you will stop ignoring your friends, cos i never got the slightest bit angry when people(girls included) laughed when they hear i play the guitar.
Theres nothing wrong with being skinny, just dont be anorexic. I'm kinda underweight too, but its not that i dont eat much, i eat alot, sometimes even more than my fatter friends, but i just cant put on weight!

well as for the unfair stereotyping , work hard and prove them wrong! and Show them that u can play the heaviest and most rebelling rock music, yet be the most polite girl. Destroy the myth. Do what thou wilt.
lol^actually i dun relli like him lor...
But you see i dont think that its just my skinnyness but also that i'm like one of the goody goody teachers pets ppl dun think i am the type to play rock and listen to it...
well imo its the asian typical mindset, and a very narrow one too. The generation gap doesnt help either. Parents see their daughters grown up to be a doctor or lawyer, not a headbanging rocker up on stage :D

Anyway, when im married and have kids n all, i'll support my children