Tonehouse Podcasts


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Ep. 1 - Tonehouse talks to Basement
The newbie studio owner of Tonehouse Studios (myself) talks to a long time studio favourite, Yazzit of Basement Studios.
We talk about studio stuff, then about being a working bassist in the Top 40s circuit. There's some advice for aspiring gigging bassists.

Ep. 2 - Audrey Lim
Tonight we had a talk with Audrey Lim, a person of many talents. She has been a litigator (a lawyer that goes to court), a DJ on 91.3FM, and even a voiceover artist. Have a listen to gain some valuable insights that she has on the music industry and the current situation.

Ep. 3 - Colin Yong
We had an enjoyable chat with Colin Yong, one of Singapore's best bassists. He shares his career experience openly with us, and gives valuable tips for those looking to start off their career down in the low end. A must listen for all budding bassists!

Ep. 4 - LEW Pt 1
We had an intriguing talk with singer-songwriter LEW - he opens up about his approach to music and songwriting (and his personal life in Pt 2). Includes many tips for song songwriters out there!

Ep. 4 - LEW Pt 2
This was a heartfelt talk about issues such as jealousy and sexual orientation. LEW opens up about what he's feeling and facing in his life as we attempt to ventilate issues usually not talked about.

Ep. 5 - Tonehouse talks to Analog Factory
Well, Analog Factory is no more and Eric, its co-founder, shares with us what happened. He also talks about the difficulties and challenges of operating a backline business. He currently owns and runs Show Production.

Ep. 6 - Teo Jia Rong
10 years ago, Jiarong was still an aspiring classical percussionist. Today, he's one of our best drummers on the local circuit. Hear his story of how he became who he is, and his philosophy towards approaching music on the drum kit.

Ep. 8 - Tim De Cotta
Ever wondered what defines the music culture in Singapore? What really is "local music"? Find out about our roots, identity, and what has shaped Singapore music.

Ep. 9 - Tonehouse talks to GRYD
At GRYD studios, each acoustic panel and diffuser is designed and handmade by its owner Edric and his partner. In this episode, we talk about the future of recording studios, the changing entertainment scene, and why mineral wool is better than foam.