thanks soft


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thanks james and all from soft!

all the best and hope this will be a vibrant forum like the one we had over at Delphi.

Oh yes! I hope that S.O.F.T. can become a virtual meeting place for all local music makers to come together and exchange ideas and stuff.

The Delphi forum has been established for a very long time and has tonnes of useful tips posted by many people, I just hope that the contributors can repost those information in this forum as not to just let it be lost if Delphi actually cease operation.

As S.O.F.T. is not a commercial/business funded by some big company, we might not have a flashy site. But since 1996, we have remain true to our objective and that is to promote local music makers and their works.

If you feel that you like to help out with S.O.F.T. just email me at . We are looking for article writers, photographers, videographers, musicians, vo talents, educators, online partners and press exposure.

We have started the ´intro´, the ´song´ will be a group effort and you are part of the band that will make it a ´hit´.

hi james,

Ill be hanging around to assist the forumites on effects and electronics...

anyway what is that big CLICK square? it took me a while to see that theres a ´read more´ hyperlink below to see the full msgs. hope i´m the only one here....

hi edder

Thanks for hanging around!

Ya, the big Click thingy is to be worked on somemore. It is to link to more of the same category of Ads.
Yo James,

Something funny is going on in your classads.
Maybe you'd like to check it out and do something about it before things gets really ugly. Same with luther's classads too.

Maybe you could consider transferring the classads to this forum to promote traffic.

Best Regards.
mike chan
Hi Mike

What funny thing is happening? Quick quick tell me.

The new site will take over the old site as this new one gives a bit more control over spam and stuff.


hmm... i see them now. never mind, i will switch to this new site soon this week.

thanks for pointing out though.

hey man, i hope i´m not too late with this- this is a great forum for us singapore guitar/ musician dweebs...
never mind if it´s not fanciful but the important thing is it stays put.

btw- good to see the forum active these days...