TGM or santa'fe?


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hey...after reading the other forums,i believe u guys kno the quality if santa' which shud i get..the TGM or santa'fe strat copy?
SherT said:
How bout screw them both and get a Craftsmen Strat copy? :lol:

Yup man try the craftsmen strats, they are much better. They are available in citymusic.
TGMs are more expensive than Samicks but their performance is seriously lacking. Thats why I'm promoting Samick strat-copies.
yeah i like the craftsman a lot but concerned about the for samick...i'm actually looking 4 22 frets 1s...also,ther's only 1 samick strat copy left in davis save for the malibu 1s...anywher else can find them?
man,i wish i got $100 now...haha...