Striving to be a Chinese lyricist

Ian Lim

New member
Hi hi ~

My name is Ian, and I'm aspiring to be a lyricist. Have attended lessons from well known Singapore lyricists before, and participated in competitions (didn't win though, just got into top 30 or sth like that). My aim is to have my songs be heard across the industry.

Anybody who has a tune and wants to have it filled with lyrics can look for me. I'm ok with all genres, but I'm more versed in ballads (pun intended).
Hi Ian

Welcome to SOFT. Hope you find someone to work with soon.
"Anybody who has a tune and wants to have it filled"'s like saucisson, cheese, salami, plaster of Paris or Abalon from Babylon. It's nicely said...I suggest you look at youtube and save some of your dollars.
Hey Ian,

Hope you find a songwriter soon! If you want us to help you perform your song and earn revenue from it, can contact us or leave us a message :)