Stratovarius - underlooked???


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Stratovarius is a really talented band...I believe their talent is underlooked by many...As the proud owner of 192 Stratovarius mp3s (=X), I thought it was time I supported the band by going to buy their CDs...but..HECK I CAN'T EVEN FIND STRATOVARIUS AT SEMBAWANG OR MUSIC JUNCTION!


they sell crap like Ashlee Simpson, Hilary Duff and they don't even have a wince of Stratovarius!!!

so do you think Stratovarius is underlooked by society?
Hey Aira
you can find their CDs in Queensway Shopping Centre. As for the question of being "underlooked", I guess that's the way the industry goes, as far as metal is concern, rite? :) I do agree Stratovarius is a very under-rated metal band though.
how to get there? i live in the east :D

anyway, thanks...i really need both parts of Elements, Visions and Episode.
your friend probably missed them, i saw them myself at hmv heeren but only a few copies
AiraTekkan said:
don't mind the price's STRATOVARIUS!

They were the first epic metal band i listened to. It's addictive :D , love those sorta songs with stories in 'em, unlike "oh baby~!" *shivers*
Sonata Artica, Kamelot, Avantasia, Rhapsody etc woooo ~~~~

By the way, i haven't gotten any Stratovarius CD yet, which album do you recommend?
Yes, I must admit Stratovarius is a little under-rated. It really is a pity, for they -have- talent.

Lol, bro, Kotipelto's vocals are a little irritating at times, but other than that they're fantastic. I especially like his vocals in Hunting High and Low. Excellent song...

You can try that metal music shop in Peninsula's basement, they MIGHT have Stratovarius stuff there. Lots of black stuff though, which is cool.

Yes it is. Lol which brings up a point....

Stratovarius, obviously named after the Stratocaster (Correct me if I'm wrong)... However, I dont recall ever seeing them play strats...
actually i think they are named after a violin... there is a brand tht is names stratovarius.. i think they are spelled in the same way.. but i am not too sure abt tht.. but i am sure they are named after a brand.. tht are into making violins..
Oh yeah, there is a strato-something violin brand, super expensive from what I know. Oh well, I was always under the impression they were named after the guitar.

I know this is out of point, but what the heck: Nightwish owns. =P
Uh... cheese? Lol.

I know there's a cloud structure with Strato-something also.

Not to mention stratosphere, stratocrat, stratocumulic, stratopause, stratovolcan... courtesy of Microsoft Encarta. Wahhahaha... :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
ha ha ... anything begins with strato sounds cool to me ... maybe that's how they got the name ....

btw their song titles are kinda cool actualy like: Eagleheart, stratosphere, twilight symphony, etc

good for band names ... he he

of course their music rocks too