SOFTies Mug Shot


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hi SOFTies

i have set up a gallery to upload our mug shot so that at least we can recongnise fellow SOFTies when we bump into each other.

Mug Shot here
a bit difficult because most of the SOFTies are ON the stage! ha..ha..
Mug Shot here

after you clicked on the above link, you should see a drop down menu next to the Slideshow. Click on that and select Add Photo.
wow! terror! everyone posed with their 'weapon of mass destruction'.
i'm so shy i don;t dare to post my picture.. :oops:

pulse_ironica.. saw you before.. didn't know RP has such a drumset. all i saw was the brown/beige drumset that you all took out on the day of club crawl. you looked kind of pissed with the double bass thing?
jeremyrozario: you look like someone who would take my lunch money :p

Did you have an eyebrow peircing?
how much was it?