Small Fry Podcast #10


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On today's show:

"Obsession Turned Addiction" by Mistaken Identity
"Bleeding" (acoustic version) by Ensomnia
"Currently Unwritten" (demo) by Aphrodisiac

Also, check out "Panic" by The Twisted Melons, part of something new on the Small Fry Podcast! You can find the show at If you have any suggestions or comments, feel free to e-mail me at

If you'd like to have your music played on the Small Fry, do send me your songs (in MP3 format, pls) to the above e-mail address with the following info:

Name of band/musician
Background info abt yourself
Musical influences
Future plans for your music
Any contact info (e.g. website, e-mail)

Thanks very much!

Hwei Shan :)
hey Hwei Shan,

i have to comment u for the great stuff u r doing here! i'm downloading the 10th now... great work u r doing!
Great work! :D

Erm could you show me a step-by-step guide of adding a pocast to my itunes? I tried but couldn't work. :oops:
hey angry, u go to their website: click the www at the signature. then u right click the Direct download: small_fry_10.mp3 to ur pc/mac. the just drag the mp3 to ur iTunes.

or u can register so the Podcast will be load automatically to ur iTunes. i rather not do. that's why i do the long-way like above! hehehehehh...
Yeah I found out how to subscribe to Small Fry Podcast on iTunes.

Ok simple, on iTunes > Advanced > Subscribe to Podcast > Enter "" > Done!
Yup, that's the way to subscribe to podcasts on iTunes if it's not listed in their music store. Works for any other podcast out there too. Once you're subscribed, you can just click on the "Update" button on the top right hand corner of your iTunes podcasts screen to check for new shows...

Glad to know you're enjoying the shows! All the best with your music!


Hwei Shan :)