Slash's Snakepit

hahahaha....i got mine from HMV months ago. HAHAHAHA. and i think i got the last one. =D. Kinda hard to find their stuff, nonetheless they r good stuff.

The album i have is Ain't life grand. "its 5 o'clock somewhere", cannot find too.
Cyanide Junkie - if you want, i'm selling my copy of Ain't Life Grand. $5 you want? Self collect thou... :p
Wow!!1 Slash's Snakepit..

Bought their first album way back.. In cassette form.. But got a lot of censorship.. My fav song from the first album is and still my fav: Beggars and Hangers On. Anyone want to jam that song..

The second album; Ain't life grand is more rocking.. My fav song will be : Back to the moment... :lol:

There's a cd shop near where I live that still sell the first album but got one song less due to censorship and it comes with a FREE SLASH'S SNAKEPIT PATCH!!!