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Hi there!

Haven't been active in this forum for maybe the last 10 years or more! Recently due to the covid situation I lost my job and was bumming around for an extended period of time so I decided to try generating a small income online doing what I love by starting a backing tracks website.

Well the site is different in a number of ways compared to the more established ones that have been around for years:

1. I don't have as many tracks as they claim to have. BUT everything on my site is of real instrumentation and has a vocal track (except for instrumentals and karaoke) and are of quality. I do not post midi backing tracks. Plus every single song has only one link (which greatly decreases my numbers) but is of the highest quality that I can find. I'm now standing at 4000 tracks.

2. My site actually has custom made tracks. Meaning that I made them myself by using software. That is where I'm hoping to get some revenue from as those are generally in the premium sections (where a paid membership is required). The big goal is to slowly build up these content to become one of the largest BT sites.

3. I'm including some lessons from REALLY old and rare publications to sugar up the deal for visitors.

Here's the link:

I'm not expecting handouts from anyone, but will appreciate it if you fellow softies will visit, sign up for a free account, enjoy the free tracks and hopefully get the word around on yoursocial media circles. Have fun!
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