Skid Row


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I dont know this band damn good! (Too many japanese band liao)

I heard of skid row since kid and my first metal t shirt is skid row .. but never really heard of their song until few days ago i saw their eprformance of MONKEY BUSINESS live on SNL

walao.. that sebastian bach rox sia! they way eh move, the attitude and performance.. rox man

p/s: you can laugh for me being WOLS-SLOW
Hey Slapshock, don't think you deserve to be laughed cos slow. Better to be late than never yah? :)

yes, i agree totally their live performances kick ass. They are one of the best, most energetic bands i've seen live. one of my favourite dinosaur rock bands. i still listen to them sometimes. \m/
I kinda dig them too...nice showmanship and they've sure got some really nice tunes :) Part of the 80s 'hair' band scene which I grew up with *lol*

I didn't managed to see much of their lives and the only one found from the net is the Monkey Business song.

Sebas Bach is still singing and performing theater I think...his vocals was one of the most :prayer: I've heard...
very agree. i thought they start in 1989? .. that time no more big hair metal rite.. motley crue is nice! visual

the crue recently reformed to tour under the us internet firm AOL. not quite as fun as it used to be, they all damn old already....
18 and life You got it
18 and life you know
Your crime is time and it's
18 and life to go


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my fav 2 songs are get the F*%* out and sweet little sister....even planning to cover for gig... damn hot!
...and who could forget hits like 'I REEEEEMEMBER YOOOOOO', 'Wasted time', and 'Youth Gone Wild'? :smt034
hahah they were really damn good, one of my fav bands. yeah i've only managed to get monkey business on snl. haha sebastian bach is really damn great. i can't get find their slave to the grind album ! but i think they lost touch since bach left. their latest album wasn't half as good.
sebastian bach has left skidrow........

wonder whether if he still sing a not..... he's damm powerful......

i think last year, skidrow got a new album n dvd........

haha i wanna get the sebastian bach's " forever wild " dvd, but i dunno where to get it ! does anyone know anywhere selling it ?
the new version of "i remember you" known as "i remember you two". Sounded horrible in my opinion. The new skid row dun sound like they used to be.

sad, so sad.

a recent skid row fan here too. "MONKEY BUSINESS! SLIPPING OFF THE TRACK!"
really ? anyone have it ? i wanna hear. yeah they're not that good now. it's a pity, they were really great while it lasted. haha monkey business rules
ah...18 and life is still one of my faves. Not forgttting their many other classics. Sebastian Bach could really scrreeaaaaaaam back in the day.
To those who miss Sebastian Bach, check out the Gilmore Girls on tv on ch 5 every weekday at 5pm...

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Mr_X said:
what about the gilmore girls? what does that gotta do with skid row? :?

Cause Sebastian Bach is in that show...

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