serious problem (guitar efx power supply)


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hey guys,
ok i have a problem...i bought some single effect pedals from sweelee on an insane sale...dod pedals...but somehow noone has a power supply for em!! i dont use it much u know...cos batteries are so expensive....i gig quite a bit....maybe once a month(lot for me :wink: )and practice a lot...i used to use my digitech rp200 for gigging..but now it broke...i also record a now i need to see what to buy to record gig practice etc.....i first thought i would buy a guitarport and a nice amp to use my analogs with/...(if i can get a power supply)....but now i think i should just sell everything and buy a pod xt live :D ...but so confused!!!!! :evil: :evil:
they're just the regular mini plugs. if you're handy with a soldering iron you can get those plugs plus some thin 2 core cables at Sim Lim and start soldering your power patch cables. Remember the tip MUST be positive. Use a multimeter to check.

Also plug them all in to the pedal before powering up to prevent short circuit. The positive tip will touch the ground of the pedal when you insert. Plug in then power up.

Prolly some members here can help you. I can't cos I'm pretty tied up with stuff.
Well's my 2 cents worth..considering the fact that u are a all rounder rite, recording, practicing, gigiing etc...and not forgetting the fact that u bought ur pedal(s) at a cheap sale, i think u could probably do with selling them away n buying podxtlive..

how many pedals do u have currently? and the cost when u purchase it? (maybe u would like to pm me is u dun want to reveal it here) depending on the 2nd hand market, u could sell it back with minimum or no loss or even u can make some profit from it. and have u consider the fact tat if u jam a lot n gig alot, u would have to add additional cost on setting up ur pedalboard etc, carry those pedals ard n then setting it up etc..those messy cables etc...but unless u set it up properly on a board etc then it would be quite troublesome n messy.

Then with podxt live, u get everything in a single unit. Playability is excellent n to me the tone, sound etc is juz as good...i dunno abt ur dod but some would argue that anolog pedal is better. but i own a podxt live myself and i am so in love with it..setting it up is a brisk too. controlling it and using it is as simple as driving a auto-matic car..u need skill in driving juz as u need skill in playing but the simplicity of driving auto-matics make ur life a lot easier juz like the simplicity of using podxt live.

So basically thats what i thought when i read ur post...nothing fancy juz hope it will help.

adios samigos aku berambus.. :wink:
hhahaha... klassic.... from power supply daisy chains to podXT... how off topic can you get! :twisted:

bluepowder, its not complicated at all.

Where are all the guys who does their own electronic mods here? Come help a brother out.... I've already given a solution up there, just that I don't have any time to entertain such kind of work.

Just don't ask him to ditch his pedals and buy other stuff, please. The man here wants to USE HIS DODs.

Btw. DOD pedals rocks harder than BOSS. :wink:
oh much more than that....

1 spot
1 daisy chain
XXX number of DOD pedals convertor.

so if he's got 5 DOD to power = 5 X SGDXX wotever our favourite pedal pusher here is selling.

now thats a lot of money.... :twisted: