Joeco BBR1B Recorder (2units)


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The BBR1-B BLACKBOX RECORDER from JoeCo is a standalone, USB based, 24-track hard disc recorder that has been specifically designed for recording live events. The unit is functionally the same as the BBR1, but with Lightpipe digital input and output. It plugs into any standard live mixing console via the normal insert points, and not only allows for the capture of the performance, but can also record the sound check to help set fold back mixes, and allow the performers to hear the live mix for themselves. In difficult acoustic spaces it lets the sound engineer achieve the best balance without exhausting the band with endless rehearsals before the gig.

Standalone Operation
24 Tracks
Records to USB 2.0 Drives
Built-in Analog Relays
Playback Lockout
Accidental-Ending-Record Protection
Zero Latency
BWF Format for Instant DAW Integration
Lightpipe Digital I/O

Used it pre-Covid days.
Now no longer use.

Brand new around $9000++
Letting this go this 2 units at $6800
Condition very well taken care.
Pm me at 87225164 if you are keen.
Photo of the joeco