SCAM ALERT Beware of buyers from other countries


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I was selling my Motif Rack XS and some guy with a Malaysian number contacts me. Says he's coming across the Causeway and wants to buy the synth. We haggle for a bit, then settle on a price.
The day he's supposed to come, he messages to say that he's held up at immigration and will come the next day.
The next day he says there was some problem with immigration, a friend of his will come over to check the synth.
When it becomes dark, he asks me if I can go to some place I seldom go to hand it over to someone.
At this point, alarm bells started to ring. I said I had other plans.
He suggested that the alternative was that his friends would come over to my place in the middle of the night because one of them was coming from Malaysia.
I told him that didn't work for me and suggested he get his friend to pick it up in the morning.
He was very enthusiastic about that and asked me to pack the synth in a box and take a video so that he knew it was working. He asked me for a discount, saying his friend was taking a lot of trouble and I hesitantly agreed.
I lugged the box to my workplace with a sneaking suspicion I was being jerked around. His friend never showed after calling me the previous night and when I told the guy that I wasn't interested in selling anymore, he got real snarky about the whole thing.
Lesson learnt. Don't conduct transactions at someone else's convenience and at the first sign of trouble, walk away.
Here are some pics of the conversation.
Thanks for sharing bro - its good that we all keep a look out for such ppl ...