S.O.S .... any drum teachers out there?


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Hi guys im new here...really have a PASSION for playing drums would like to ask for help ..can anyone recomend me a good teacher? someone i can ask about how to improve on drumming skill... been playing drums for a few years now i learn mostly by myself ... looking for other recouces like dvd , books even internet but still make me realise i still need a teacher. that's the only way i can improve espcially on reading notes. So if anyone out there whos been taught by the best teacher around plsss.. recomend them to me.

i can be contacted through this email mud_addy@yahoo.com

or msn cyrazx@hotmail.com

TQ TQ TQ... u guys hope to see some reply :)
drum teacher

have u got what u 1 pal ?
call or sms me to discuss
@8105 7452 - Hashim
briefly bout myself
been playing for almost 20 yrs
did some teaching too
we need to discuss so as to know ur needs
n also to cater ur needs.
meanwhile i do not have a personal e-mail
so just call or sms me will do
my e-mail acct will comes in after my flat being upgraded
quite soon then.