Affordable Drum Lessons Available


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Hey There!

I am Marissa, offering drum lessons for beginners. I have been for 5 years and have taught kids as young as 6 and adults as YOUNG (yes we are all young at heart) as late 50s. Have been playing for 12 years with experience performing on stage as well.

All lessons will be conducted at my humble music room. I stay at Pasir Ris, about 8-10 min walk away from the MRT. No Theory will be taught. Purely practical.

Here are more details for the lessons:

Roland TD15KV Electronic Drums. (I can send you a pic of my kit)
Feel free to whack as hard as you want, no complaints.
Modified to have more cymbals.
Customise your very own kit on my drum module as well.
Drum Module allows you to plug in your phone to practice to the music you wish to play.
No theory, purely practical.

$35/45 min.
$40/60 min.

You learn fast, practice hard and I'll teach you more.

My schedule is flexible but no last minute cancellations please. Usually free on weekday nights and weekends.

Pay by lesson/month up to you!

Text me at 90218242 if you're keen!