Republic Poly's SLA Fiesta 2011, Jammerz Arena Recruitment Drive

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Wednesday, April 27 at 3:00pm - April 28 at 6:30pm

South Agora

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Jammerz Arena

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Jammerz Arena is an interest group under the wing of CREATE. Republic.

Made up of students coming from diverse musical backgrounds and preferences, Jammerz Arena (JA) is a melting pot where all can come together and make music in a band. Since it's revival and change of leadership in 2009, JA has gone on in achieving greater heights and gaining recognition from both RP and the local music scene. With it's very own home grown ban...ds like Bear Culture set to play in 2011's Baybeats and other known bands such as Paradox, Fade, Electricwaves, 99 Anchors and City In Motion. Jammerz Arena is set to rock the stages of 2011 harder, better, faster, stronger... With 71 events, performances and gatherings in 2010 alone.. Jammerz Arena assures you this family knows how to work hard and play even harder...

If you have the passion to make music and has a taste for electric guitars rock music and many more. Join us no matter your genre... We are looking to expand on our pool of talents, both music and specialist skills...

We are looking for members whom can lived up to our 5 core values;
1. Skills
2. Commitment
3. Attitude
4. Responsibility
5. Initiative

Members Recruitment For 2011

Cat A - Musician/ Singer

1) Guitarist
2) Bassist
3) Drummer
4) Vocalist
5) Keyboardist
6) Any Others

Cat B - Specialist Crew

Administration Department
1) Admin & Finance Executives

Media & Marketing Department
1) Photographers
2) Videographers
3) Video Editors
4) Marketing & Publicity Liaisons

Show Production Department
1) Tech Crew (Light/Audio)
2) Stage Management
3) Logistics Specialist
4) System Engineers

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